Global Reach, But Local Focus

I’ve been at this since 2002 when I wrote a “book” about my experiences going through an insanely intense divorce and custody trial. Financially, I had gone from having a comfortable financial existence to being flat ass broke, and needed to find a way to make money while being more available to raise my son.

Go Big

Internet marketing in 2002 was in many ways easier than it is today in terms of being able to rank. At that time Google was only 4 years old, and Google Ads (Adwords) was only 2 years old. I was able to blast to the top of the SERPs by doing little more than putting a webpage online. From a technology perspective, things were a little more difficult. Payment processing, site development, hosting and such were all pretty much the domain of web developers, which fortunately was (is) my profession.

Long story short, I was able to make enough money to keep my head above water, but more importantly I was developing skills and expertise that I still build on today. I love creating websites, writing content, developing new products and services, and marketing all of this using blogs and social media.

It is an amazing time to be alive.

It is an amazing time to be in business and be able to market to the world from the comfort of your own home.

I work with people all over the world, but still enjoy working with businesses in my local area of Fredericksburg, VA. Nothing like being able to sit down over coffee, whiskey or beer and talking about your business goals and how we can work together to turn them into reality.

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